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CDS 1 2016 Answer Key – English, GK, Math All Set

CDS 1 2016 Answer Key  – CDS 1 2016 Exam Answer Key – CDS 2016 Answer Key – CDS 1 2016 Math Answer Key – CDS 1 2016 English Answer Key – CDS 1 2016 GK Answer Key – CDS 2016 All Set Answer Key Download at www.upsc.gov.in

CDS 1 2016 Answer Key

Similar to the previous Exam, this time again a huge number of candidates are expected to appear for CDS 1 2016 written exam on 14 February 2016. We hope you try your best in getting maximum marks in CDS 1 2016 Exam. Now all candidates are searching for the CDS 1 2016 answer keys. All set answer key of CDS 1 2016 exam is provided at the end of the article. Candidates are waiting for CDS 1 2016 solution keys, because they want to calculate their marks in written exam. They all want to start their preparation for next stage CDS Interview i.e. SSB Interview.

CDS 1 2016 Answer Key for All Set

UPSC will also publish official answer key for CDS 1 2016 written exam. Candidate can check CDS 1 2016 EXAM written Marks using that official answer key. But this official answer key of CDS Exam 2016 will be published by union public service commission after 8 to 10 months i.e. after completion of interview process. Are you interested in waiting so long for CDS ANSWER KEY 2016? We know your answer “NO”. There are various prestigious coaching institute those provide answer keys of CDS 1 2016 exam. We will update those CDS 1 2016 Answer sheet 2016 in the below section. Using these answer keys, candidate will get almost exact idea of their marks in CDS 1 2016 Exam. We are given answer keys of CDS 1 2016 for all three papers i.e. English, General Knowledge & Elementary Mathematics. Check answer key in the bottom section.

CDS 2016 Answer Key Math, English, GK Download 

Date of CDS 1 2016 written Examination: 14 February 2016

Date of CDS 1 2016 EXAM result: 2nd week of June 2016

SSB Interview Date for IMA, INA, AFA: 1st week of august 2016 onwards

SSB Interview Date for OTA academy: 1st week of October 2016 onwards

Merit list Declaration for IMA, INA, AFA: October 2016

Dates of merit list Declaration for OTA course: January 2017

CDS 1 2016 Written Exam Question Paper Solution 

The purpose of proving CDS 1 2016 answer keys is that the written exam result will be released within 4 months of conduct of written exam. All the written qualified candidates will get a chance to prove their worth for country by joining prestigious Indian Defence i.e. Indian Air Force, Indian Navy & Indian Army.  After checking these answer keys, candidates will get a rough idea of expected marks in written test. SO indirectly these answer keys of CDS 1 2016 exam will help you in making your mind for next stage testing preparation i.e. SSB interview process. We have also given pervious CDS written exams cutoff marks. It will help the candidates in understanding their level of preparation. Candidates can check previous CDS Exam cutoff marks in following link.

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CDS 1 2016 English Paper Answer Key   



CDS 1 2016 English (Order of Question According to Set A)

Sentence Improvement (20 Qs)

  1. The Police accused him of theft.
  2. He wanted me to leave immediately.
  3. This is to certify that I have known Mr. J Mathews since 1970.
  4. They took away everything that belonged to him.
  5. It was the mother of the girl whose voice I had recognized.
  6. The executive council consists of ten members.
  7. The maid was setting up the table for dinner.
  8. We have so arranged the matters that one of us is always on duty.
  9. We have hardly got into the forest when it began to rain.
  10. Each time he felt tired he lay down.
  11. Though it was raining but yet I went out.
  12. There is no chance of success unless you work hard.
  13. She has grown too old to do any work
  14. No one enjoys deceiving his family.
  15. Have you ever seen the flower of a pumpkin plant?
  16. It is an accient, historical place and it once belongs to the Pandavas.
  17. Since we knew the correct route, we did not worry at all.
  18. Our country can progress only when people work hard.
  19. Wake me up when father comes.
  20. Do take an umbrella with you lest you should get wet.

Ordering of Words in a Sentence (15 Qs)

21. They refused to divulge the venues of these raids saying that it would affect the investigation process.

22. That rich man goes on buying things that he already has.

23. The police commissioner rushed the police force to control the crowd.

24. My brother is going to Chennai, tomorrow to attend his friend’s wedding.

25. He gave orders to his men to catch the thief quickly.

26. If I were to give a definition I would begin like this.

27. Men of conscience who take pride in doing their job well whatever its nature deserves all honour in society.

28. While some live in luxury many do not have enough to eat and drink.

29. I believed then and I believe even now that no matter the amount of work one has, one should always find some time for exercise.

30. I wonder why I always have trouble with my scooter whenever I decide to go to the cinema.

31. The bird catcher knew all the birds of the forest by means of snares by the hundred and was accustomed to capturing the winged creatures.

32. Man is not merely a biological being confined to his physical and material needs.

33. A gang of robbers entered the village while they were fast asleep at night and stole the property of the villagers.

34. The opposition members walked out of the parliament to protest against the ruling of the speaker.

35. When a little girl was about to be run over by a speeding car a boy saved her at the risk of his life.

Order of Sentences

36. Once there was a kind…in the garden were to be….these bells always sounded….the garden was so large…in the middle of garden….in the trees lived……listened.

38.  For seventeen years she led…then one day, while she….her heart went out…she felt she had….in 1946 she asked for permission…two years later….useful years.

39. Good memory is so…I have heard…leaving the perambulator…a little later his wife….indignant at her husband’s behavior….she wheeled away….baby gone.

44. Science has already….it has continued…in the eighteenth century…improvement began at the….in 1920 the infant…..the general death rate…..that date.

Fill in the blanks

46. The morning pressure was so over whelming that he ultimately gave in to her wish.

47.  Authority crumbles when it is not supported by the moral purity of its user.

48. In the developing country…..Observation.

49. Gandhi ji conceived……Struggle.

50. Because of his extravagant….

51. Socrates was accused of….

Selecting Words (20 Qs)

I was engaged in many activities and I wanted a proper reconciliation between my activity and thought. Thought without action is undeveloped thought. Action without thought is folly. Of course we sometimes act on some impulse or uncontrollable urge. If suddenly you through a brick at me and my wrist goes up in front to protect myself, it is an automatic impulsive action and not a result of deliberate thought. Over living is developed by a series of automatic actions from morning till night. Anything we do outside that common range of actions however, has to be preceded by some measure of thinking. The more action and thought are developed and integrated, the more effective they become and the happier you develop. There will then be no conflict b/w a wish to do something and probability to act.

Spotting Errors (15 Qs)

76. This hardly won freedom should not be lost so soon.

77. I tried to meet the person whom you said was looking for me.

78. We looked after the thief but he was nowhere to be found. (No error)

79. I hoped that the train will arrive on time but it did not. (No error)

80. Their all belongings were lost in the fire. (No error)

81. He was in the temper and refused to discuss the matter again.

82. The decorations in your house are similar to his house. (No error)

83. Despite of the increase in air fares, most people still prefer to travel by plane.

84. He told the boys if they worked hard they will surely pass.

85. I shall write to you when I shall reach Chennai.

86. Neither of these two documents supports your claim on the property. (No error)

87. He is school teacher, but all his sons are doctors.

88. His grandfather had told him to smoke was a bad habit.

89. My book which I gave it to you yesterday is very interesting.

90. I am entirely agreeing with you but I regret I can’t help you.

Comprehension (21 Qs)

Passage 1

91. The writer believes that – through observation we could avoid making many mistakes…

92. With reference to the passage…..- Aristotle thought women have fewer teeth than men.

93. The writer says that if he was writing….He would first observe their eating habits.

94. The writer is of the opinion that – Ancient and medieval writer wrote…had never seen them.

95. A “dogmatic statement” in the context means…– Proved/Unquestionable.

Passage 2

96.  The man could not buy the handkerchiefs because – he had no money in the purse.

97. when he tried to take….- it was his friend’s purse.

Passage 3

98. The opening of the passage….darkness, silence and….found terror.

99. When he perceived through the…..his eyes felt strained to their utmost.

Passage 4

101. According to the author, people….material success and technological growth.

102. According to the author, science and technology should be – used in a controlled and careful manner.

103. From the passage one gathers…..- avoid being controlled by….production

104. According to the author, science & technology are – useful, if they are not worshipped blindly.

Passage 5

105. Which one of the following statements sums up….- Luck often ends in defeat but labour produces luck.

106. Which one of the following true….- Success depends on hard work and attention to details

107. “…labour turns out at six…….statement means-hard work of all kind makes people efficient & skilled.

Synonyms (9 Qs)

112. Ambiguous: Vague

113. Elucidate: Clarify

114. Monotonous: Dreary/Single-Minded

115. Kindle: Excite

116. Palatial: Magnificent

117. Tactful: Diplomatic/Intelligent

118. Voracious: Insatiable

119. Stricture: Censure

120. Obeisance: Homage

Animate CDS 1 2016 Elementary Mathematics Paper Answer Key – Set A

Sr. No. Answer Sr. No. Answer Sr. No. Answer Sr. No. Answer
1.         A 26. B 51. B 76. C
2.         D 27. A 52. C 77. C
3.         C 28. D 53. B 78. A
4.         C 29. D 54. B 79. A
5.         D 30. B 55. C 80. D
6.         A 31. C 56. B 81. A
7.         B 32. B 57. C 82. B
8.         B 33. D 58. D 83. C
9.         C 34. B 59. A 84. B
10.     B 35. D 60. C 85. D
11.     A 36. D 61. C 86. C
12.     B 37. D 62. D 87. B
13.     A 38. C 63. C 88. C
14.     A 39. D 64. B 89. D
15.     A 40. C 65. C 90. A
16.     A 41. D 66. B 91. B
17.     C 42. B 67. D 92. A
18.     A 43. A 68. C 93. B
19.     A 44. A 69. C 94. C
20.     D 45. C 70. A 95. D
21.     C 46. A 71. D 96. B
22.     C 47. A 72. C 97. C
23.     C 48. C 73. B 98. C
24.     C 49. C 74. B 99. D
25.     C 50. C 75. B 100. C

CDS 1 2016 General Knowledge Paper Answer Key 


Candidates are advised to cross check their answers using above given CDS 1 2016 Answer key. These links contains all set answer keys for CDS 1 2016 exam.

Important Notes for the Candidates:

  1. There is a sectional cutoff in each paper of CDSE exam i.e. candidates have to qualify all 3 paper individually for getting the interview call.
  2. As per the previous year’s pattern, marks most of the times AFA having highest cutoff marks & OTA having lowest cutoff marks.

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